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  • Property hunting in Puerto Rico presents challenges due to many agents not being REALTOR® association members and therefore unable to access the MLS. This leads to sifting through multiple outdated and inaccurately priced listings on various websites. To aid you, we offer a Comparable Market Analysis before making an offer, helping you avoid overpayment or potential deposit loss due to insufficient funds at closing.
  • Unlike agents in the mainland, Puerto Rico's agents lack mandatory training under experienced brokers before establishing their own brokerages. They learn on the job, which can expose you to risks. In addition, property sellers and their agents might overlook issues needing attention before selling. Serving as your buyer representative, we simplify this process. Safeguarding your interests, we recommend suitable contingencies to protect your deposit, creating a secure property experience.
  • We connect you with reputable lenders who can assist in qualification and property assessment before committing. Gaining pre-approval before your island home search is vital, as most listing agents or sellers mandate pre-qualification for property access. If you're purchasing with cash, proof of funds is necessary.

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